Agriculture provides the foundation of our physical lives:  food, clothing and shelter.    Historically, Texas has consistently been a leader in agricultural activities and it is my intent to continue this tradition.    Population and lifestyles continue to change with more people moving to urban areas to pursue their livelihood, but these people will always require the sustenance provided to them by a vibrant agricultural community in our rural areas and their supporting associates in agribusinesses located in urban areas.    Regardless of whether one is a farmer, rancher, grocer, clothier, homebuilder, gardener, consumer or engaged in any productive activity associated with food, drink, fiber, timber or livestock; we are all a part of Texas agriculture.

Since returning home from school and engaging in the day-to-day business of agriculture, I have become more and more passionate about rural issues.    During the last four and half years of my elected service, I have spent hours upon hours championing these types of issues.    I believe we need leadership within our state that will not only be a voice for rural Texas, but also works to find common ground and ideas between rural and urban residents.    One issue that speaks to this is water.    I love the water debate because it gives rural leaders an opportunity to demonstrate to those residing in urban centers how we are bound at the hip and dependent upon each other.    Once we accept this fact, whatever issues we address pertaining to food, fiber or our great natural resources, together, I believe we can find that common ground upon which we can all stand to work and make Texas a safe, self-sustaining and productive environment for all our citizens.

During the course of this campaign, it is my intent to engage you and the people of Texas in conversation to not only share my ideas as to the future of Texas Agriculture, but to hear and discuss your ideas as well.    I am prepared to lead, but in my opinion a good leader is one who not only presents ideas, but reaches out for and stimulates ideas from his or her constituency.

It is my hope you will choose to become a member of our team and join us in this campaign, which I believe will lead to a tenure of successful service to the citizens of Texas as their and your Commissioner of Agriculture.

Thank you for your time.    I look forward to earning your support.

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